School of Spiritual Direction: Year 2 

Year 2 of our training is for those who envision spiritual direction as a more central feature of their work. It gives participants the opportunity to gain breadth and depth in their understanding and practice so as to be able to offer spiritual direction with skill and confidence. This cohort offers significant supervised experience in offering direction, invites to greater personal spiritual growth, explores theological underpinnings of spiritual direction, and addresses special topics useful to an ongoing practice within the field.

At the end of Year 2, students receive a certificate of completion and, in consultation with you regarding your desire and readiness, are welcomed into Sustainable Faith's network of spiritual directors.  

Our Year 2 cohort is open to all who have completed Year 1 of our School of Spiritual Direction, in any location. To enrol, please complete the registration process. Contact Elizabeth for more information.


In Year 2 you can count on a continuation of much of the learning goodness you experienced in Year 1. You'll further develop your knowledge and skills in accompanying others in their growth, step up your work with directees from 2 to 3 people, and invest intentionally in your own spiritual growth.  

This is a partial list. Other readings will be confirmed at a later date
Spiritual Direction, Sue Pickering
Surrender to Love, David Benner
Invitation to a Journey, Robert Mulholland (2016)
Streams of Living Water, Richard Foster
Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, Adele Calhoun

You'll continue to meet with your spiritual director and engage in intentional spiritual practices. You'll step up your accompaniment to 3 directees, logging a minimum of 24 face-to-face hours. There will be less reading and more writing as you interact with what you're learning. 

One of the features of Year 2 is participating in group supervision which will enhance your learning and broaden your perspective. Expect lots of growth in your skill and confidence level as we journey together.  


The tuition fee will be posted here in November. Similar to the Year 1 experience, the 5 modules each hold 2 training days, and we hope to kick off our learning community with a longer retreat.  

To register simply indicate your intent to Elizabeth and pay your €400 deposit. The balance will be due in equal monthly payments beginning 01 March 2018. 

SCHEDULE: Amsterdam Year 2
The tentative (and *somewhat flexible) dates: 
  22-25 February 2018
* 13-14 April 2018
  15-16 June 2018
* 14-15 September 2018
* 16-17 November 2018






Elizabeth de Smaele
Elizabeth de Smaele It was after 20 years of vocational ministry that a deep valley and a transforming experience propelled Elizabeth into the field of spiritual formation and direction.  Elizabeth moved from Canada to the Netherlands in 1996. Deeper Devotion Ministry has been here platform since 2005, and she has been equipping spiritual directors since 2014. She is joyously married to Gérard.
Natalie Baxter Strange
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