What would it feel like to birth a monastic expression for the 21st century?


Imagine if we gave people an opportunity to spend a season of their lives focused on discerning how they have been uniquely created to participate in the work of God's kingdom. What if there was a space where people could live and work in community, with lives fully focused on getting to the heart of some of their deepest questions? What if we expected that the answers to those questions would lead people to go do courageous things in the world?

Our vision is to establish a monastery and residential community on a farm in eastern Ohio.  Additionally, we're scouting several cities to work toward establishing expressions of The Order of Sustainable Faith. 

The monastery will capture the best of the monastic tradition — strong rhythms of prayer, manual labor, study, spiritual guidance, community & table — but will also be a catalyst for vocational discernment, and a place of long-term investment in sustainable agriculture.

As dynamic as the monastery is, the greater impact will come from the non-residential members, the diaspora: those scattered all over the country, living “normal” lives, observing the Rule of Life associated with the Order of Sustainable Faith. 

We begin our monastic expression with an invitation to membership in our non-residential expression and a commitment to a Rule of Life that will be made available in August 2014.

We also invite you to give generously

Nearly every monastic expression in history has begun with begging. The more current and acceptable term “fundraising” doesn’t change the nature of what we’re doing. So we begin as our sisters and brother did before us, asking for your help in establishing something that the world needs---something that will exist as a different way of being in the world. 

Over the next five years we hope to raise close to $3.5 Million as part of a 5-year capital campaign to open up this first residential community and establish our first urban expression. 

We’re aggressive in our “begging” goal because we’re planning to be self-sustaining at the end of 5 years. Our funding strategy is summarized in the three phases below.

Blessings to you,

jared patrick boyd

Phase 1

The First $75,000


The Boyd Family is committed to giving full-time attention to The Order of Sustainable Faith as soon as Phase 1 is complete. This first phase of funding will be used to help reduce the need for work outside of the mission of The Order. Also, this will give us the funding needed to begin Phase 2. 

We are seeking 1-time donations and 1-year commitments that add up to $75,000.

To request a budget for this $75,000, send us an email. 


Phase 2

25 Cities


We are in the process of planning small events to share our vision and story in 25 cities in the US. We already have a number of offers to host events. We'll be working closely with some great people who have gone through Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction. Our Goal is to raise $125K in each city through a 5-year pledge. 

Phase 3

Vineyard Partnership


Our greatest desire is to serve the church. We are seeking partnership with Vineyard Churches who will commit 1% of their general funds to The Order of Sustainable Faith through 2020. 

The church has historically been one of the main funding agents of monastic expressions. These two institutions have always been interdependent. 

Phase 1 Progress: