Spiritual Direction Resource List

Each of our students is required to meet with a qualified spiritual director while they are engaged in the training. Following is a listing of spiritual directors who are graduates of Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction, having taken two years of training with some being teachers of our course. Each has a good amount of experience in offering direction. It’s not required to meet with someone on this particular list. This is merely a resource for those who are looking for someone to meet with. We do recommend that you find a director who is not the teacher of your particular course. Feel free to contact these directors using the contact information provided.

Arizona: Phoenix Area
Sonia Dodd: in person/Skype/FaceTime soniardodd@aol.com
Donna Klitzke: in person
Danny Mullins: in person/Skype/Zoom/phone
Janice Tarleton: in person/Skype
Wendy Taylor: in person/Skype/FaceTime
Dezi Wortsell: in person/phone

California: San Francisco Bay Area
Sharon Wada: in person/Skype/FaceTime

Colorado: Breckenridge
Kim Nielsen: in person/Skype/phone

Colorado: Denver
Fran Love: in person/Skype/FaceTime

Colorado: Fort Collins
Vicki Wehmeyer: in person/Skype/FaceTime, (accompanies for The Spiritual Exercises)

Georgia: Atlanta
G. Allen Penton: in person/Skype
Nancy Penton: in person/Phone/Skype
Mary Jean Phillips: in person/Phone/Skype                                        
Karen : in person/Skype
Sally Wolfe: in person/Skype/FaceTime

Illinois: Chicago area
Joan Kelley: in person/Skype

Indiana: Fishers
Karen Block: in person/Phone/Skype/FaceTime

Indiana: Indianapolis
Beth Booram: in person/Skype/FaceTime

Indiana: Lafayette
Kate Cogswell: in person/Skype/FaceTime
Sharon Henderson: in person/Skype/FaceTime

Indiana: Oldenburg
Sibyl Towner: in person/Skype

Maryland: Baltimore
Steven Hamilton: in person/Skype

New Hampshire: Londonderry
Bryan Larson: in person/Skype/FaceTime
Natalie Larson: in person/Skype/FaceTime

New York: Buffalo
Joelle Herskind: in person

New York: Syracuse
Chris Goral: in person/FaceTime/Skype

North Carolina: Raleigh
Dan Davis: in person/phone/Skype/Facetime
Judy Davis: in person/phone/Skype/FaceTime
Barbara Orthner: in person

Ohio: Cincinnati
Todd Long: in person/phone/Skype/FaceTime
Joy Norman: in person/Skype
Dan Henry: in person/Skype/FaceTime

Ohio: Columbus
Jared Patrick Boyd: in person/Skype/FaceTime
Sara Carlisle: in person/Skype/FaceTime
Judy Harris; in person/phone/skype
Jody Nixon: in person/Skype/FaceTime
Deborah Scott: in person/phone/skype.

Ohio: Oxford
Kathleen Bolduc: in person/Skype

Texas: Richmond
Renae Norwood: in person/Skype/FaceTime

Texas: Sugar Land
Jane Hardesty: in person/Skype

Virginia: Manassas
Donna Baker: in person/Skype
Mary Yerkes: in person/Skype/phone

Virginia: Richmond
Janice Burns: in person/Skype/phone
Susan Cromer: in person/ Skype-Google Hangout/phon
Becky Peters: in person/Skype/phone