School of Spiritual Direction : Year 2 Overview

Year 2 is for those who envision spiritual direction as a more central feature of their work. It gives participants the opportunity to go through the Ignatian Exercises together, gain significant (supervised) experience in offering direction, delve more fully into the theological underpinnings of spiritual direction and address special topics. At the end of Year 2, students are certified and fulfill the requirements for inclusion in Sustainable Faith's list of directors as well as in other umbrella organizations. 


Similar to Year 1, we aim to read for formation, not information. There are currently 7 required books to read.

1  Theology: Our God
2 Teleology: Our Destination
3  Anthropology: Our Role
4  Formation: Our Journey
5  Discernment: Our Choice

We continue meeting monthly with our own spiritual directors.

Participants agree to offer 10 - 12 hours of spiritual direction, normally meeting with 2 - 3 directees monthly.

Going through the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola together is a way of giving attention to our own spiritual growth and going on a journey together. This powerful 9-month set of exercises deepens our experience of God’s love, reveals inner compulsions and false attachments, sharpens our discernment, and cultivates a sense of mission.





In our afternoons together we practice peer supervision, presenting both verbatims and audio recordings of actual spiritual direction sessions. Each student contributes 2 verbatims. Each verbatim covers a 15-20 minute portion of a spiritual direction session. Likewise, each member also contributes 2 recordings that cover a 15-20 minute portion of a spiritual direction session. Dates for presenting verbatims and recordings are assigned during Module 1.

Students schedule monthly, 30-minute calls with the teacher or a supervisor to discuss the Ignatian Exercises and direction sessions.

1-2 page reports are filed monthly. Due dates are given during Module 1. In these reports you share:

  • your experience of the Ignatian Exercises
  • your experience of the assigned reading
  • your experience of offering direction
  • circumstances of your own life and spiritual journey
  • questions you may have for the next module