Welcome Teachers, to our website Communication Space!

In an effort to improve teacher communication, the board would like to explore the use of our website as a communication space.  We will post information, updates, and invitations for input on this page.  Jared will also be setting up another communication avenue, through SLACK, that will give us a more private channel to exchange messages.  More information on that will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, this first update will give you an overview of what the board has been working on.

A Rhythm of Organizational Life

The board has begun to create its own version of a "rule of life," which would help us do the work of implementing the values and goals of Sustainable Faith.  One working definition of a rule of life is:  a concrete expression of the life-intensions of a Christian community or individual made in order to help maintain or mature relationship with God and the Gospel (Evan B Howard, essay, What Is A Rule of Life?).  For Sustainable Faith, and the School of Spiritual Direction specifically, the board has translated the rule of life into what we are calling, "A Rhythm of Organizational Life," which prioritizes our tasks.  We have mapped some of  the projects and tasks of running the SOSD onto a ten month calendar, which you can see below. These are our target dates, but we are open to adjustments as we go along. The schedule takes into account the availability of people resources and attempts to create a work flow that feels like the "easy yoke" that Jesus speaks of in Matthew 11.  The calendar will give you an idea of when to expect the different administrative pieces of SOSD to be available.  Prior to the online registration components becoming available, do feel free to communicate directly with your students regarding future cohort dates, etc.  And do feel free to give us your input--the board wants to hear your perspectives.


  • Donor admin:  Thank you letters, year end tax statements
  • IRS Employee tax forms processed, distributed
  • Collect teacher 2017-18 cohort information
  • Secure Teachers Gathering location (pending)


  • Create new budget for 2017-18
  • Finalize this year's tuition fees
  • Complete SOSD postcard
  • Complete conversion of accounting system


  • Non profit 990 Tax filing (due April 15)
  • Complete preparation for SOSD registration for new school year:  website/zapier/etc
  • Year 2 Curriculum Revision:  board delineates the theological perspectives and professional requirements that a Sustainable Faith curriculum should reflect;   begins to read the written curriculum


  • All 2017-18 SOSD dates and locations on website
  • Open online application / registration
  • Year 2 Curriculum Revision:  board finishes reviews of Year 2 Curriculum Revision Team's submission of input and content


  • Begin fiscal year end fundraising communications
  • Open online teacher confirmation window


  • Teachers Gathering June 25-28 (POSTPONED to 2018)


  • National Vineyard Leaders Conference
  • Sustainable Faith Indy Enneagram Conference
  • July 31:  Deadline for canceling cohorts


Month off--season of rest before the fall begins


  • SOSD cohorts begin
  • Close teacher confirmation for 2017-18 year
  • Begin year end fundraising planning


  • Begin thinking/planning for any midyear cohorts