1-on-1 with Novitiate Director

At the conclusion of your Novitiate Experience, and if you are discerning a longer commitment to OSF, you'll meet with the Novitiate Director to talk more about the Invitation you continue to sense for journeying together with The Order of Sustainable Faith. During this time we'll talk about

  • how God has lead you through the process,
  • what you sense is on the horizon for you (as God leads)
  • looking deeper at your own more individualized Rule of Life
  • developing a continued course of study for beyond the Novitiate
  • assessing your willingness and desire to go anywhere and do anything at the invitation of God


After meeting with the Novitiate Director, you'll enter into one last season of discernment that will be focused on one question: 

Do I feel that God is inviting me to continue to journey alongside others in OSF, leaning my life toward The Rule, with a willingness to go anywhere and participate in any work, as God leads?

You may make use of any particular mode of discernment, alongside your spiritual director, alongside others and/or your discerning community. 

Share Your Story

Next, we'll schedule an opportunity for you to share your story with others. What has the journey toward joining OSF been like for you? Where have you sensed the strongest Invitation from the Lord in all of this? What freedom has God brought to you in your prayerful interaction with The Rule of Life? What questions are you holding for your life? 

What Commitment are you wanting to make? Specifically, what do you want to commit to doing in conjunction with OSF? What commitments are you making to deepen your experience of living within a Rule of Life? How would you like to serve your brothers and sisters in OSF? 
Beyond the Novitiate Experience you are permitted to make a commitment of up to 5 more years. It will then be at the end of those 5 years that you may have opportunity to make a life-long vow.