We are grateful for so many people that support the work of creating a culture of sustainability for leaders and communities. 


We've made online giving to Sustainable Faith easy and secure.

Help us take advantage of a matching grant! Two generous supporters of Sustainable Faith have created a $20K challenge gift. We match their gift to receive it. We’ve made great progress, having raised about 3/4 the amount needed. Double the strength of your gift here.

If you prefer to give by check for the matching campaign, make your check out to Sustainable Faith and send to: Sustainable Faith, P.O. Box 14405, Columbus OH 43214

Your recurring monthly gift of $10 or more powerfully undergirds the mission of Sustainable Faith! Join others to drive and extend the ministry of Sustainable Faith.

We're launching a monastic expression in partnership with The Vineyard Movement. We're planting a faith community in the spirit of historic monasticism on the west side of Columbus, OH. Franklinton Abbey will work to nurture hospitality and generosity in a historic neighborhood undergoing a slow transformation. 

Participate in the work of a new missional-monastic order for the 21st century. Together let’s create a better way of forming and preparing leaders to do the ministry of Jesus in a post-modern world.

The Order of Sustainable Faith has two easy options where you can choose to give securely either through a debit card or credit card. Keep in mind, the debit card option is free for us whereas the credit card option comes with some fees. Please give in whatever way is most convenient to you. 

With each option, you'll have an opportunity to designate your gift by adding a note in the notes field. All un-designated gifts will go into our general fund. 

If you are wanting to make a recurring donation, please click the DWOLLA button where you can set up recurring donations with just a few easy steps using some basic bank information (account number and routing number).