The Emerge School of Transformation connects dynamic teaching with personal application, experiential activities, and retreat experiences to release sustained change and the formative work of Holy Spirit in your life.

Emerge School of Transformation

Emerge Transformed
Emerge will help you identify and release the areas in your life that hinder your spiritual development, true identity, and a sustainable life with God. The School and Retreats bring together resources for practical, applicable and integrated healing of your whole self—body, mind, will and emotions—so that your true self, the person created by God, can fully emerge. As you emerge, you will discover and live more and more from your true identity, knowing who God is and who you are. 

Emerge Equipped 
As you learn to live with your whole heart, you’ll be released to help others live in the fullness of purpose God intends. Emerge will equip you with practical skills for healing spirit, soul, and body.  The skills and concepts you’ll learn are applicable in all your relationships: family, friends, ministry. 

Emerge School and Retreats address your physical, intellectual and spiritual development through three integrated tracks:
1. Identity
2. Spirit, soul, body connections
3. The practical process of inner healing

Emerge includes:
1. A six-day School combining dynamic teaching with experiential learning that benefits your own healing journey and helps you help others.
2. Weekend retreat enhancements open to anyone who has completed a School. Retreats focus on skill development as well as deeper inner healing experiences.

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