Expanding globally to help leaders & their communities
go deep, grow wise, and love well.

God’s favor in expanding our reach and impact gratifies and humbles us.
Experience with us the joy of helping leadership communities realign their spiritual priorities … one conversation at a time.

Together let’s reshape church culture in our own lifetime!


School of Spiritual Direction in Europe

By God’s grace, the School of Spiritual Direction has already become the largest training group of its kind, with cohorts operating in 28 cities in the US, as well as in Canada, the U.K., Netherlands, and Hungary. Yet doors continue to open for us, especially abroad. Sara Carlisle, one of our most experienced teachers, is responding to the call by relocating to the Netherlands in early 2019. She’ll lead cohorts and build a network of European facilitators / trainers.


New Schools of Formation

The School of Mercy & Justice, which has been in pilot mode for two years, will go live in 4-6 North American cities in the fall of 2019. This school of spiritual formation is specifically for those called to work with the poor and marginalized.

Likewise The School of Contemplative Life will be field-tested in 2019. This new school will provide an entry-point for those new to the contemplative stream of our faith. It can serve as a stand-alone formative experience or as a stepping stone to further training.


Planting Faith Communities

A part of our “culture-shaping” is planting new types of faith communities (in line with our values and in partnership with Vineyard USA). Old Town Abbey (Ft Collins CO) and Franklinton Abbey (Columbus OH) continue to grow, and 2 new Abbey plants are in the works for 2020. Additionally, we’re piloting 2 experimental home groups to see what they might become. (Stay tuned!)


The Order of Sustainable Faith

The Order of Sustainable Faith (OSF) is a contemporary missional-monastic movement. OSF guides people to examine their loves and attachments, move toward a Rule of Life (intentional practices), discover their unique mission, and walk in solidarity with others on the same journey.


Care in the Developing World

Each year we receive invitations to resource caregivers throughout the developing world, and each year we respond as sacrificially as possible. We're presently serving both indigenous leaders in the developing world and western missionaries who themselves provide spiritual care among the poor.