From Invitations & Commitments : A Rule of Life for The Order of Sustainable Faith

3.5.0     Entering into Membership

3.5.1      A Request for membership in The Order will consist of a discernment process between the applicant and the applicant's spiritual director and/or pastor.

3.5.2     Every member will begin with a 6-month postulancy as a Non-Residential Member.

3.5.3     During postulancy, members will review the Rule of Life, meet with a Spiritual Director, and continue to discern one's desire for membership within The Order of Sustainable Faith. Additionally, a postulant will form a Discerning Community (see § 5.6.5).  



Are you ready to start your postulancy?

If you are ready to start your 6-month postulancy, please let us know below. 

We'll do our best to follow up with you, connect you with a spiritual director, and help you during your process of discernment.