The Schools of Sustainable Faith guide people to embrace the contemplative life. They help people honor sabbath and observe life-giving rhythms. They draw us toward healthy, embodied spiritual practices. They nurture self-awareness and vocational clarity. They launch kingdom enterprises.

People are different from each other; what keeps me from being able to love is probably very different from what hinders you. What corrects my lack of love may only make your situation worse.
— Roberta Bondi

Year 3 : Loving Others Well

Personal Formation
Skill Development

A 9-Month Growth Plan


Quarterly Cohorts with Peer Supervision
Bi-Monthly Supervision Groups
1-on-1 Supervision

We like to think that once we’ve achieved a certain level of development, we stay there. But the truth is that we almost never stay without some investment. Without regular investment, the things we learn start to fade. The things that used to be very important, become less so. And old and unhelpful habits creep back in. When people walk alone, they stumble. When we have community, we flourish.

We want to help nurture spiritual directors towards loving like God loves.