The various schools of Sustainable Faith guide you into the contemplative life. They help you keep restful, life-giving rhythms. They spawn healthy spiritual practices. They nurture self-awareness and vocational clarity. They launch kingdom enterprises.

The School of Contemplative Life (SCL)

The School of Contemplative Life is a retreat-based, 18-24 month exploration of ancient spiritual practices that form us in our walk with Christ.

We’ve created this leisurely-paced, communal yet substantial introduction to the contemplative life for people who want to deepen their experience of God’s love, discover new ways of praying and reading Scripture, experience the power of silence and solitude, establish better rhythms of rest & recreation, understand better what makes them tick, find healing in broken areas of life, examine strong & persistent desires, learn how to make better life choices, and acquire a sense of mission and purpose for life.

Roughly every 2 months (if you’re on the 16 month cycle) or 3 months (if you’re on a 2-yr cycle) you’ll meet with your cohort to learn about and practice one or more spiritual exercises, having ample time before the next meeting to develop the practice.


We currently have cohorts forming in the following locations. If you’d like to begin registration, click the “Registration” button to the right and the teacher / facilitator for that location will be in contact with you soon.

• Birmingham AL (led by Janice Tarleton)
• Cambria (San Luis Obispo County) CA (led by Denise Brill) CLOSED
• Kansas City KS (led by Marty & Sandy Boller )
• Minneapolis MN (led by Marty & Sandy Boller)
• Peoria IL, led by Tim Reist, is already filled up and in progress

  1. Fill out a brief application

  2. Connect with your teacher

  3. Confirm your desire to participate

  4. Submit a deposit to secure your spot

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