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Spiritual Directors


Location: Rosenberg, Texas
Renae can offer Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, FaceTime
Areas of Specialty:

Renae Norwood is a native Texan who lives in the Houston area with her home builder husband of 41 years, Steve. Drawn to Jesus at an early age, she has been in the Vineyard since 1989 and is now active in the Sugar Land Vineyard.

She is a graduate from Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction and has been joyfully hosting cohorts in her home and leading them for churches. She has served as a spiritual director for several Pastor Sabbath Retreats for Vineyard USA.

You will most often find her enjoying the quiet—reading, making some kind of creative mess around her home, or enjoying practicing her gift of hospitality. She loves learning and laughter. She delights in walking with people and listening to their hearts as they discern and respond to God's creative work in their lives.

Location: Ft. Collins, CO
Vicki can offer Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, FaceTime
Areas of Specialty: the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius.

Vicki’s passion for ministry and supporting others in their faith journeys has led her on a 40 year calling around the world to places like Slovakia, Jordan, and Mexico. She spent 10 years in the mission field in Indonesia followed by 10 years as a teacher, mentor, and women’s ministry director at the Vineyard Church in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Vicki completed training as a spiritual director from Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction. She also completed a four year spiritual formation and direction program at the Lanteri Center in Denver, CO.

Along with offering direction, Vicki is trained to accompany individuals and groups through the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius. She a teacher for Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction in the Denver area.

Vicki and her husband of more than 40 years live in Fort Collins, Colorado and is a mother to two fun, grown children. She loves quietly working in her perennial gardens and enjoys snow shoeing, hiking, biking and sitting beside quiet lakes, and mountain streams.

B.S. in Human Development; Master of DIvinity
Location: Nashville, TN
Sara can offer Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Phone
Areas of Specialty:

Sara Carlisle has been in Nashville, Tennessee the last couple of years after living in Ohio her entire life! She worked on Vineyard Columbus’ pastoral staff for several years after graduating from the Ohio State University (go bucks!) and Vineyard Leadership Institute. After this, she began a journey into the work of Spiritual Direction while receiving her Master of Divinity in Christian Spirituality.

She is currently serving as a teacher (stateside as well as in Europe) and board member with Sustainable Faith, as well as a Spiritual Director in her own private practice to Pastors, Leaders, Missionaries, Church Planters, and Spiritual Directors. She dreams about planting a monastery of sorts--offering hospitality, sanctuary, and a place to heal. She loves helping others clarify their own calling, and companioning people in every season of the soul.

Sara has a very full life! She enjoys: traveling, cooking/baking, upcycling vintage furniture, writing (especially poetry), teaching yoga, watercolor painting, drinking wine or bourbon with friends, learning the ukulele, playing outside, singing, reading, quality time with her 11 nieces and nephews (they are her favorite people on earth!), enjoying live music (last week she went to a punk show after a silent retreat), and lingering in slow mornings over a cup of coffee while staring at the birds.

B.S., Quantitative Psychology, UCLA
M.A., Cross-Cultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary,

Location: Menlo Park and San Jose, CA

Sharon can offer Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, FaceTime
Areas of Specialty: multi-ethnic issues, leadership development, Ignatian spirituality

Sharon has been passionate about spiritual formation ministries since her graduate school days at Fuller Theological Seminary.  She received her masters degree in Cross Cultural Studies, while focusing on spiritual formation and leadership development coursework.

 Sharon completed her spiritual direction training at the Mercy Center in 2009.  She has a certificate in the supervision of spiritual directors through Together in the Mystery, an affiliate of San Francisco Theological Seminary.  Sharon was on staff at the Palo Alto Vineyard Church as Director of Spiritual Formation and Family Ministries.

Sharon is a teacher in Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction.  She is happily serving as a co-director for Sustainable Faith, alongside Dave Nixon and Jared Boyd. 
Sharon has been married to Jon for almost 30 years.  They enjoy being parents of three sons and a new daughter-in-law.

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Marty is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty: pastors/church leaders, enneagram, Ignatian exercises.
Marty Boller received his two-year certificate in spiritual direction from Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction and is a member of both SDI and the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association (ESDA). He loves coming alongside pastors and senior church leaders, companioning them in the care of their souls as they juggle the heavy demands of ministry.

Marty has been actively involved in pastoral ministry since 1985. Married to his lovely wife, Sandy, in 1975 in Skokie, IL, they were participants with the beginnings of what is now the Evanston, IL Vineyard Church (1976), and have successfully planted two Vineyard churches in Iowa: Iowa City (1988) and Cedar Rapids (1998). They have four grown children, all married, with seven adorable grandchildren.

Marty has written two books on Christian discipleship; The Perfected Self (2002) and The Wisdom of (John) Wimber: As I See It (2014); and serves the larger body of Christ through his blog and website:

Marty & Sandy are trainers/teachers of spiritual direction, working alongside Sustainable Faith since 2015.

Location: Indianola, IA
Janice is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, Zoom, Phone, FaceTime

Areas of Specialty: Accompaniment in The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola, Inner Healing Prayer.
Janice Tarleton is passionate about transformation; helping followers of Jesus grow in self-awareness, authenticity, and intimate relationship with God. A former journalist, she’s had a life-long intrigue with the human story and probing for truth and she brings that practical experience to direction sessions. She has served as a pastor’s wife in Vineyard churches in Arizona (large and small contexts and church planting) for 25 years. She is a graduate of Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and has served as a teacher for the school for five years. Janice is also trained in inner healing prayer and has facilitated hundreds of sessions since 2011.

Janice and her high school sweetheart, Terry, have been married since 1981. The founded Carefree Vineyard Church in 2001, an endeavor that led to burnout and disenchantment then into discovery of a life-giving way of living and leading with Jesus. In 2018, they transitioned the church to a new pastor and moved to the Des Moines area of Iowa where Janice continues to serve in a variety of roles with Sustainable Faith, as a spiritual director at pastor care retreats, and as a host/facilitator of individual inner healing prayer retreats.

Terry and Janice have four grown children and two grandchildren. She enjoys deeper conversations, road-trips with her husband, home decorating, writing and painting.
Masters of Ministry Diploma St. Stephens University St. Stephens, New Brunswick

Location: Gilbert, AZ
Danny is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty: Immanuel Prayer (Inner Healing), Ignatian Exercises

Danny Mullins has been in full-time vocational ministry since 1979. He has served in worship ministry, as an associate pastor, and as a lead pastor. He has been on staff at the Vineyard in Gilbert, Arizona, since 2001.

His current emphasis of ministry in the church is in the areas of spiritual formation, spiritual direction, and inner healing prayer. He also serves on the faculty of Sustainable Faith and is currently leading cohorts in Phoenix, Arizona, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Augusta, Georgia.

Married since 1975, he and his wife Janet are the proud parents of four adult sons, and grandparents to three grandsons and a granddaughter.
M.A. Christian Ministries, Hope International University, Fullerton, CA

Location: Oceanside, CA
Fran is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, FaceTime, Phone, Email

Areas of Specialty: Ignatian spirituality, Enneagram, dark night of the soul, second half life spirituality, transitions, discernment

As a Spiritual Director my intent and practice is to help people attend to the presence and activity of God in their lives, and to grow in healthy self-awareness of the ways they respond to God.

I enjoy working with followers of Christ at any point in their relationship with him. Helping people become discerning people who know how to make good decisions about life choices is an important part of my work as a spiritual director. Since self-awareness is critical to good discernment, I help people navigate the Enneagram as a tool for honest self-evaluation and transformation. I also accompany people through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

I have spent over 30 years working with leaders in high stress environments. What I bring to spiritual direction for Christian leaders and cross-cultural workers is an understanding of the role of suffering, especially the 'dark night of the soul' experiences where God and His rewards seem absent.

I have 30 years of ministry experience in cross-cultural work and organizational leadership, lived in three continents, and have been a church planter. I completed a two-year Spiritual Direction program with Christian Formation and Direction Ministries, I have an M.A. in Christian Ministries from Hope International University, and am an ordained minister in the Vineyard.
Recently moved to Oceanside, I enjoy figs, tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers, onions and lemons from a small backyard garden. I have three beautiful daughters and four delightful grandchildren.

Location: San Antonio, Tx
Clara is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Since giving herself over to Christ in 1975, Clara’s life has been one of loving and caring for God’s people, particularly those called into leadership. She has been in senior pastoral ministry alongside her husband since 1996. She and her husband were involved in three church plants (one which failed, so she has a limp). She has ministered to missionaries and church leaders in England, Hungary, Nepal, India, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Kenya. She currently is working on her Masters in Spirituality from Oblate School of Theology. She hopes to beef up on her first language (Spanish) to provide Spiritual Direction and training on Spiritual Direction to the Hispanic communities.

She is married to her best friend, Randy, since 1978. Together they have blessed the world with five beautiful daughters, five amazing sons-in-laws, and eight fun-filled grandchildren (more on the way). In her spare time, she reads, sews, plays with her grandchildren, works on her desert landscape, plays board games with friends, and walks early in the morning.

Location: Columbus, OH
Jody is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

For many years, Jody Nixon was the true domestic and centering presence at The Convent, the retreat house of Sustainable Faith. She supervised the kitchen (making most of the meals), cleaned, kept the books, tended to other various needs, and spent time with retreat guests as she was able. (She's a great listener!) She especially enjoyed getting to know the many women who came to visit, hearing their stories and providing support and encouragement.

While hosting schools of spiritual direction and over-hearing her husband teaching about this fascinating subject, her heart was drawn to the power of good listening, so she  completed SF’s year one and year two courses.

The Convent eventually closed, and Dave and Jody have moved to Columbus due to family needs. Jody is now offering spiritual direction from her home in Columbus. She also served with Dave on six previous Pastor Sabbath Retreats for Vineyard USA. For 14 years she was the key administrator for Vineyard Central, the urban community church she and Dave planted in Norwood, Ohio in 1993. Jody and Dave have been married for 40 years.

Jody especially delights in her children: Kimberly who's married to Matthias and living in Columbus; Carrie who's married to Andrew and living in Rochester, NY; and Jonathan who's living in Cincinnati. And then there are the 3 grandsons, Samuel, Simon and Henry, who are teaching her about love all over again.

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sandy is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty: women pastors/leaders

Sandy Boller received her two-year certificate in spiritual direction from Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction and is a member of both SDI and the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association (ESDA).

Sandy’s personal goal is to live life on purpose, with Jesus lighting and leading the way, living wide-eyed in wonder and belief (Lk. 11:34). She loves to help women learn the rhythms of slowing down and listening for the Holy so that together we learn to recognize God in the middle of our everyday lives. Sandy encourages her directees to discover creative ways in being present to the One who is always present to us, finding their unique voice along the way.

Location: Marcellus, NY
Chris is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty: Training in Spiritual Direction, Ministry and the Ignation Retreat.

There is a delicate balance between the "inner life with Jesus" and the "outer life we live in community" as we are known and know God, ourselves and others. Both are necessary to healthy spirituality. Both need attention, acceptance and care to grow us into the people God dreams us to be. Understanding the balance for each person as they live in community defines the passion that calls Chris forward in life and ministry.

Chris served as a staff pastor at the Vineyard Church in Syracuse NY from 1997-2017 when she retired. She has been a Spiritual Director at the Spiritual Renewal Center in Syracuse since 2008. She leads retreats on the contemplative lifestyle while offering spiritual direction as part of the retreat. She also has experience as a guide for the Ignatian Retreat.

Chris lives in Central New York. She has 3 grown children and 6 granddaughters.

Location: Dunlap, IL
Tim is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty: Enneagram, Pastors

Tim has always been drawn to people from a young age. Jesus call of loving him and loving others has been a driving force in his life. Because of this call of following Jesus, Tim is passionate about helping others follow him with all their mind, heart, body, and soul. He has been in vocational ministry for the past 26 years serving on the staff of 3 churches in Indiana and Illinois.

Six years ago, he followed a strong leading to step out of the mega church world that he was in and trust God to open the way.

Through the perfect storm of circumstances, God led him into a journey of getting in tune with his deeper desires of walking alongside people. During that time, God led Tim to being trained by Sustainable Faith in spiritual direction. He is passionate about multiplying new directors and growing the contemplative life in the church by leading people in soul transforming journeys.

Currently, Tim leads many retreats for people in their contemplative journey with God, enneagram retreats, as well as a small community of people who are trying to live out the rhythms and relationships of the first century as best they can today.

Tim is married to his beautiful wife Christy and has two fantastic daughters Briana, and Alyssa. A good cup of coffee, a fine glass of wine, a good book, a great destination, a gorgeous day of golf, amidst good conversation are things that occupy him in his free time.

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Todd is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty: Life transitions, deepening prayer, second half of life, recovery, Enneagram, Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, pastoral ministry, church staff, vowed religious life

Todd’s deepest desire is to help souls uncover and encourage authentic connections with God, the One who loves us right where we are. He was Ordained in 1988, and has since encouraged those connection while working in small and large churches, retreat centers, parachurch organizations, faith-based recovery programs, and youth camps.

His initial training in spiritual direction was through Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction where he is now an instructor. Additional training in the Enneagram with Enneagram Institute, and accompanying the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius through the Ignatius Jesuit Centre, have added to his practice.

In Todd’s view, spiritual direction comes through deep and prayerful listening. As director, he offers soul companionship – another set of eyes and ears to attune to the presence and invitations of God in one’s life.

He and his wife Cynthia, married in 1985, have three children, four grandchildren, and live in Norwood, Ohio, where he is a member of Bellarmine Chapel Parish and a covenant partner of Vineyard Central Church.

Location: New Haven, CT
Lainie is available for Spiritual Direction: in person, Skype, Zoom, Phone

Areas of Specialty:

Lainie is a c spiritual director and an instructor with Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction. She is also trained in directing others through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

In 1986 Lainie and her husband planted a Vineyard church in Connecticut which they now pastor half-time in order to more actively follow God's gracious invitation into soul care ministry to leaders and pastors both inside and outside the Vineyard.

Lainie also serves as a Mentor for Spiritual Direction with the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation at Yale Divinity School in New Haven.

Location: Yorba Linda, CA
MA Spiritual Formation & Soul Care from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University

Beth is available for Spiritual Direction:
in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty:
Enneagram, Ignatian retreat (19th annotation)

Beth, along with her husband, has been on church staffs in the past and they now work together mentoring Ph.D. at Talbot School of Theology. Beth has a desire to help leaders navigate the pressures of their lives. She has been at the Anaheim Vineyard for 13 years and she has been seeing people in spiritual direction and teach classes in spiritual formation for the past 10 years.

Location: Upland, CA
Karen is available for Spiritual Direction:
in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime

Areas of Specialty:
Facilitating interactive spiritual formation experiences in a retreat or conference environment, Teaching on spiritual formation topics, especially for pastors and leaders, Working as a life coach with Christian leaders desiring to integrate ministry goals with personal formation and spiritual growth.

Karen Fields has served as a certified spiritual director and life coach for the last seven years. She pastored with her husband, Mark, over twenty years at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Claremont/Pomona, as well as working professionally as a public school teacher.

Karen received her spiritual director training with CFDM (Christian Formation & Direction Ministries), and currently serves with Vineyard Missions as part of a team of spiritual directors who minister to Vineyard leaders, both internationally and in the US, through “Leader Care” spiritual formation retreats.

Over the last seven years, Karen has worked cross-culturally as a spiritual director and retreat facilitator in many countries including India, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania. She also leads spiritual formation retreats for Vineyard churches in the US. Karen has celebrated 38 years of marriage, and is the mother of three adult children and four beloved granddaughters.

Location: Yorba Linda, CA.
Master of Science, Pastoral Counseling – California Christian Institute, Master of Arts, Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy - California Christian Institute Bachelors of Science, Business Management, University of Oregon

Craig is available for Spiritual Direction:
in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty:
Annual Professional Development for Spiritual Directors held at VCF Anaheim (8 years)
Center Quest (ecumenical school for training spiritual directors) – Currently serve as a mentor for students in the program cohort.
Clinical Pastoral Counselor – Certification through The American Association of Christian Therapists, Inc.
CFDM (Christian Formation and Direction Ministries) 2 year certification program
Published author in the area of Sexual Addiction, Falling Forward; The Pursuit of Sexual Purity, Desert Stream Press.
American Academy of Bereavement – 30 hour course – Bereavement Facilitator Certificate
Training certificates in Anger Management, Multiple Personality Disorder (DID), DISC personality assessment, Prepare and Enrich Provider (relational assessment/inventory)
Trained Crisis Counselor – Hotline Help Center (suicide hotline) 1.5 years service Craig has been pastoring at Vineyard Church of Anaheim for 32.5 years pursuing his passion for healing of the heart and spiritual development in soul care. His main emphasis over the years has been developing, overseeing, training and mentoring for pastoral care programing such as pastoral and lay counseling, faith based support groups, inner healing teams, and deliverance.

For 12 years, Craig and a team have been leading a spiritual formation community at the church looking at a broad sampling of different spiritual paradigms, prayer forms, movements of inner life growth, and ways to describe personality types. Emerging from this community are numerous spiritual directors offering both individual and group spiritual direction with peer supervision in place as a regular support.

Other areas of oversight over the years have included ministry teams, home groups, men’s ministry, oversight intercessory prayer, marriage ministry, hospital visitation and many hours of ministry to individuals.

Craig has recently retired from full time ministry but maintains a private Spiritual Direction practice and currently serves as a Staff Spiritual Director for Biola University, La Habra CA. He also serves as a mentor for Center Quest School for Spiritual Direction, an ecumenical, on-line approach to expanding the cause of spiritual direction globally.

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Dan is available for Spiritual Direction:
in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Phone

Areas of Specialty:
Ignatian spirituality, Enneagram, life transitions, second-half of life, assisting pastors and creatives.

Trained at Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dan has been offering spiritual direction to groups and individuals since 2010. He is now an instructor for the school. In January of 2016 he left his full-time pastoral role at Vineyard Cincinnati after 14 years, and now devotes himself exclusively to the work of spiritual direction and leading retreats.

Dan has special passion for accompanying pastors and other ministers through the difficulties that are particular to their kinds of work. He also loves working with those who find themselves on a journey of spiritual deconstruction/reconstruction.

Born in Hawaii, Dan grew up in a military family, so he lived in several different states. Five different Elementary Schools, two Middle Schools and three High Schools taught him the value of adaptability (among other things). . He eventually followed his sweetheart, Tracey, from Oregon to Southern California where they married in 1975. Career-wise, Dan traversed both the Tech and Church worlds as: worship leader, pastor, internet engineer, internet architect—always helping connect people with “something bigger”. With Tracey, he now celebrates having raised three beloved children, two of whom have increased the Henry tribe by marrying amazing spouses. To quote Dan, “It’s a wonderful life!”

MDiv, Talbot School of Theology DMin, Azusa Pacific University 2 1/2 years of study at Loyola Institute of Spirituality

Location: Monrovia, CA

Steve is available for Spiritual Direction:
in person, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime

Areas of Specialty:
Ignatian Exercises

Steve earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Azusa Pacific University, with an emphasis in spiritual formation. He was trained as a spiritual director through Christian Formation and Direction Ministries (CFDM), and for 12 years has been a part of the CFDM faculty team that trains spiritual directors. He also helps lead training cohorts with Sustainable Faith.

Steve was a Vineyard pastor for 25 years and is the spiritual formation director for Vineyard Institute. He is the Los Angeles Regional director for “b” (, a ministry which serves pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries, seminary students, churches, and individuals in areas related to spiritual formation and spiritual direction. Steve provides spiritual direction and supervises spiritual directors.

Steve loves seeing the transformative work of the Spirit that occurs in the lives of people as they make their way through the directors training programs. He knows the realities of ministry leadership and desires to see pastors, leaders, and others carrying out their callings from a foundation of God’s experiential love for them.

Steve has been married to his wife, Carol, for 45 years, and they have two grown sons and two marvelous grandchildren. He loves being with his family, hiking, reading, going to movies & concerts, as well as eating sushi and Mexican food.