Spiritual Direction is a form of pastoral guidance that fosters in the believer an intimate communion with God. 

Growth in this communion is shaped through contemplation of Jesus, guided by the Spirit, and nurtured through a prayerful response to the invitation of God. Through regular meetings of conversation and prayer, the spiritual director helps another  to notice the work of God in his life and respond to it as promptly, vigorously, joyfully and consistently as possible.

Finding a Spiritual Director


We'd love to help you find a compatible spiritual director. The number of spiritual directors has drastically increased in the past half-decade. As you work to find a good fit, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind: 

  • Ask others whom you know if they can help you find a spiritual director. Perhaps a pastor or ministry leader already knows of someone in your area that can connect you with a spiritual director that most aligns with your faith tradition or present needs.

  • Meet with a couple of spiritual directors for a quick phone call or coffee. Sometimes finding the right fit requires spending some time together and getting a sense of a spiritual director's areas of focus, reading, and training.

  • Spend some time praying. Once you have a sense for the kind of person you are looking for, pray that God would help you discern who might be the best director for you.


Our Spiritual Directors

We've been working on building a network of experienced spiritual directors who can serve as a pastoral care resource specifically to pastors, missionaries and other Christian leaders.  Our Affiliate spiritual directors have discerned a specific call to leaders and are working to create a spiritually healthy culture among leaders and their communities.  They have compassion for the demands and pressures pastors and leaders face, along with the training and experience to support them in the pursuit of spiritual health and vitality. 

Whether leader or layperson - if you are interested in connecting with one of Sustainable Faith's spiritual directors – we invite you to access their bios and contact information using the button below.